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Tyre replacement and wheel balancing

Emergency tyre repair and replacement.

Looking for wheel balancing services, tyres, and tyre puncture repair services in Christchurch?

HM Auto Electrical is based in the Rolleston area, where you'll find an extensive range of quality tyres. We can supply many brands of tyres to suit your vehicle’s needs.

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Your tyre may not need to be replaced.

    A damaged tyre may not need to be replaced. Damage to the flat tread can often be repairable, although damage to the edges of the tyre may not be. Talk to us to get advice and see if we can fix it for you.

    Marine Electronics Car Mechanic

    Get your wheels balanced.

      Wheel balancing, which can also be known as tire balancing, is the process of equalizing weights in the tyre and wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly while you're on the road at high speed.

      We use a wheel balancer on which we place the wheel to determine where the weights should go and how to get the smoothest ride. Improperly balanced tyres can lead to vibration, excessive tyre wear, damage to suspension and other problems.

      In addition to our wheel balancing, we can organize wheel alignment services with our trusted partners.

      We provide wheel balancing at our Rolleston workshop. To see more about the services we provide at our workshop click here ➝

      Marine Electronics Car Mechanic

      We stock many different brands.

        Our workshop can provide the correct brand of tyre to replace the existing tyres you have on your car.


        Tyre Brands We Stock:

        yhi automotive Tyre suppliers
        Blairs Tyres
        Value Tyres