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7 Inch Wireless High Def Rear View Kit 12V


7 Inch Wireless High Def Rear View Kit 12V

Group : Rear View – Wireless
Type : Kit
Feature : 7 Inch
Comment : 12V Only,High Def,No Audio,Split Screen

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2 in stock (can be backordered)


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7 Inch Wireless High Def Rear View Kit 12V

Note: Not suitable for pressure wash due to potential for water ingress

through aerial connection.

Key Features

  • High Definition: The monitor and camera now provide 1024 x 600 pixel
    high resolution crystal clear image quality.
  • Dual split screen and single camera view capable

An Explanation On The Difference Between Analogue and Digital Wireless Systems

There are two types of wireless rear view camera systems, analogue and digital.
Both systems tend to use the same technology and frequencies (2.4Ghz) as other devices such
as Bluetooth phones, 2-way radios, hands-free kits or other wireless camera systems.
While analogue is more common and less expensive, it is prone to having interference issues
when in the same vicinity as other wireless devices.

The key benefit of digital camera systems is that each camera is paired to a specific monitor
creating an encrypted channel ensuring that digital signals can only be transferred between
the paired camera and monitor. The paring process prevents interference from occurring and
improves reception range.


  • HD high definition 7 inch digital 2.4GHz wireless colour monitor with crystal image quality
  • Picture image can be adjusted for Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror, and Normal viewing
  • Operates from 12V
  • Reverse warning yardstick
  • Transmitting distance: 70 metres
  • 2 cameras can be paired to the monitor (refer spare camera 20-978HD below)
  • Dual split screen capable


  • HD high definition 2.4GHz digital wireless camera with crystal clear quality
  • 2 cameras can be paired to the monitor
  • Nightvision - Day/night sensor automatically adjusts to lighting conditions
  • Power supply: 12V
  • Transmitting distance: 70 metres
  • 10 metre night vision viewing distance


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