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Universal Oil Catch Cans

Nuke Performance Universal Oil Catch Cans / Universal Oil Breathers
We offer a range of universal Oil Catch cans/Oil Breathers of the newest generation, with new thinking function and design and outstanding performance and finish. Equipped with our own 300-micron filter disc, it prevents particles from escaping the catch can, the filter disc is used both when atmospheric and recirculating setup is used. This setup is so effective that you don´t even need an external filter when the outlet port is atmospheric.

NEW : Universal Catch Can 0.25 liter
The Nuke Performance Universal Catch Can 0.25 liter (1,05 US cups) is the newest addition to the oil catch can lineup, and thanks to its small form factor it suits your every engine bay, a perfect complement to the bigger dual-inlet catch cans from Nuke Performance. Can be used for both atmospheric and recirculating setups

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